Tree Stump Removal Cheshire

At Cheshire Stump Removal we have over 10 years experience in tree stump removal (stump grinding). I am thre sole member of staff carrying out tree stump removal and I am qualified in all aspects of my work and all hold up to date public liability insurance. For this reason, i can keep costs to a minimum. Not only can we remove your stump, but we also offer a complete re instatement service as well as garden maintenance. The machines we use are one of only a few that are accessible to people with narrow access, making us a perfect choice for those with small gates.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is the best technique used to effectively remove trees stumps. It involves using a using a variety of stump grinders depending on the size of stump with wheel that that safely grinds/demolishes the stump around 18″ below ground level leaving the ground ready to re-plan or turf over. This machine will fit through all standard garden gates.

How long does it take?

This is dependant on the size of the tree stump.

How do we remove your tree stump?

We start by measuring your stump. We then use one of our professional stump grinders to remove the stump. Once removed, the chippings left over are used to fill the hole back up, leaving you with no unwanted holes. The ground will be left tidy and ready to be returfed or planted again. During every stump removal safety guards are assembled around the area for safety purposes.

What size tree stump can we remove?

We can remove tree stumps anywhere from a diamater of 5 inches to 5 foot.

Click here to view our 5 step guide to receiving an instant tree stump removal quote.


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